Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Objectives
Module 2 Who are Carers and what do they do?
Unit 1 Who are Carers?
Unit 2 What do carers do?
Unit 3 Types of support that carers provide
Unit 4 Quiz
Module 3 Supporting Carers
Unit 1 The National Carers Strategy
Unit 2 Why support carers?
Unit 3 The Impact of Caring
Module 4 Identifying and Engaging Carers
Unit 1 Identifying and engaging carers
Unit 2 Potential barriers to engagement
Unit 3 Quiz
Module 5 A Diverse Caring Population
Unit 1 Armed Forces/Ex-Armed Forces Carers
Unit 2 Young Carers
Unit 3 Mental Health
Unit 4 The Triangle of Care, Carers Included: A guide to best practice in mental health care in England
Unit 5 Quiz
Module 6 Carer's Rights
Unit 1 The Care Act 2014
Unit 2 The Equality Act 2010
Unit 3 Carers' Rights in the Workplace
Unit 4 Carers Assessments
Unit 5 Young Carers Rights
Unit 6 Benefits
Unit 7 Quiz
Module 7 Specialist Support for Carers
Unit 1 Independent Carer Organisations
Unit 2 Local Authority Support
Unit 3 Contact Details for Services
Unit 4 Summary
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