Course 1: Mental Health Awareness for Armed Forces
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 How to use this course
Unit 2 Objectives
Module 2 Armed Forces Covenant
Unit 1 Military Covenant
Unit 2 'Fighting Fit' - Government plan for mental health
Unit 3 What is a veteran?
Unit 4 Priority treatment for ex-service and veterans
Unit 5 What is immediate family?
Unit 6 Priority treatment for families
Unit 7 Basic questions
Unit 8 Quiz
Module 3 Military Culture
Unit 1 Covenant
Unit 2 What does culture mean?
Unit 3 Armed forces training
Unit 4 Effect of military culture on families
Unit 5 Military culture: social life and welfare
Unit 6 Variety of armed forces culture
Unit 7 Summary of armed forces culture
Unit 8 Values and standards in the UK armed forces
Unit 9 Selfless commitment
Unit 10 Courage
Unit 11 Discipline
Unit 12 Integrity
Unit 13 Loyalty
Unit 14 Respect for others
Unit 15 Military values & standards summary
Module 4 Military Mental Health
Unit 1 Military career and health
Unit 2 Regular military serving personnel and reservists
Unit 3 Military mental health care whilst on operations
Unit 4 Veterans mental health
Unit 5 Quiz
Module 5 Key charities and organisations for Veterans
Unit 1 Key charities and organisations for Veterans
Module 6 Accessing Military Records
Unit 1 How to access ex-service/veterans' records
Unit 2 Conclusion
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