London South East

Details of support for the Armed Forces community in the South East of London. (Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark)

Details for the other areas of London can be viewed via the following links:

  • London South West
  • London North Central
  • London North West
  • London North East
  • Mental Health

    Detailing the help and support available in South East London, from within the local NHS and other providers.

    Physical Health

    Providing a range of services within all health care areas from clinics to in patient care.


    Detailing the range of services supporting those struggling with addictions including gambling and substance misuse.

    Social Care

    Guidance for those who find themselves in financial or legal difficulty, plus general advice and support on care services available.


    Information to help support those who are relocating or in need of housing assistance.


    Information to help support those who are looking to gain employment after leaving the Armed Forces.

    Criminal Justice

    Providing details of services for those who are in custody, pending release or have been arrested. Also provides details of support for those dealing with domestic abuse.

    Carers and Families

    Information to help and support both carers and families within the Armed Forces community.

    Child and Adolescent

    Information to help support children and young people in Armed Forces families.

    Gurkha and Nepalese

    Details of services and support for the Gurkha and Nepalese community.

    Adult Education and Training

    Details of support and guidance for those getting ready to leave the Armed Forces, to volunteering opportunities and further education and training for those who have already left.

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